Water your kids doing this summer? Why don't they make a stand for clean water... a Lemon:Aid stand?! Their stand will not only quench the thirst of someone in your neighborhood but also the thirst of kids halfway around the world in Africa!

Lemon:Aid kits are available, complete with everything your children will need to make their stand shine.

Are you ready to make a stand for clean water? It's as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Plan your Lemon:Aid stand and set up your Lemon:Aid page.

2. Download or order your very own free 
Lemon:Aid kit. The kit comes with a poster to help your spread the word about your stand, and it also comes with decorations for your stand!

Each kit comes with:

*Download kits do not include balloons.
**If you order your kit, you will only pay shipping & handling.

3. Donate your collection toward clean water on your Lemon:Aid stand page.

Oh! And be sure to take lots of pictures and post them to our Facebook page